How long do the courses take to complete? Our courses take anywhere from one to four hours to complete, depending on the length of the course and the speed in which a learner moves through the course. 

Are there any pre-requisites for the courses? No. Our courses contain practical knowledge designed to be useful to anyone and everyone, regardless of their current level of understanding.

Will I receive a certificate? Yes. Learners will receive a downloadable and printable certificate of completion upon successful completion of any course.


My course is not playing as it should. For best results, we recommend viewing all of our courses using Google Chrome.

The audio in the course is not working or sounds distorted. We recommend viewing your course in Google Chrome to avoid audio issues. If you are unable to do so, try refreshing your current browser page. Check that the volume and audio settings on your computer are correct, and your headphones/speakers are set up and in working order. Try viewing the course on a second device to ensure that the problem is not localised to one current device, or in another internet browser, as many issues are browser-related.

I am unable to move forwards and backwards in the course. We recommend viewing your course in Google Chrome to avoid any issues. You can also use the menu option within the courses to revisit slides that you have already completed.


How long do I have to finish the course? Once you have purchased any single course you have 30 days to complete it at your convenience. In this time you can revisit your course as much as you like.

Can the courses be viewed on handheld devices? Yes. Our courses may be used on laptops and computers and also tablets and smartphones.

Can I revisit a course? Yes. During the access period (30 for individual courses or 60 for multiple) you are able to revisit a course as many times as you like. Each time you return you will be offered the options of resuming from where you left off, or starting the course again.

What if I need help completing the course? Our courses are all learner-led, meaning that the course is designed to be used by a sole user without instruction. Should you have any technical or functionality issues see the TECHNICAL/TROUBLESHOOTING section on this page.

Can I start the course on one device and continue it on another? Yes. Once you have purchased a course you will be given login access to your course, which you can leave and return to from anywhere for the access period.

Can I take the course offline? No. A stable internet connection is required in order to access the courses.