Schoolies Done Right


As seen on Channel 7 News 

Schoolies Done Right tackles the tricky issues head on, rather than just steering clear of them. It is not your regular list of Dos and Don’ts, rather, it covers topics that are both relevant and interesting to school leavers (aka schoolies), and answers all the questions teenagers need answered but are unlikely to ask about, including drinking, drugs, personal safety, bullying, first aid, sexual and social behaviour.

This course is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, having been designed to be used on the go. Users can quickly browse and skip through the topics, accessing what they are looking for right away. It is written in a language that teens can relate to, making it far more informative than a Google search that is likely to return half-truths, and far more engaging than the usual group talks that teenagers will likely have heard many times before.

Disclaimer: This is an ‘awareness’ course and comes under the banner of non-accredited training.